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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment using Radial Shockwave Therapy

Treating Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs with Radial Shockwave Therapy has helped an enormous amount of people reduce the daily ongoing pain associated with this condition. The pain Plantar Fasciitis causes is quite debilitating to sufferers with the condition. Such is the discomfort for some people, acts of daily living can be greatly impaired.

For most people the condition starts without any obvious cause. A pain is felt under the heel and over time it becomes steadily worse. Classic signs and symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis is pain after rest. When first rising in the morning pain seems to be at its greatest. Then subsiding after tissues warm up. Sitting for a period of time and rising to stand also seem to generate further pain. People who work on their feet for most of the day in retail, hospitality, nursing, etc. can often suffer with Plantar Fasciitis.

Current research indicates the pain produced by Plantar Fasciitis can be attributed to micro-tearing of the Plantar Fascia connective tissue.

Imagine having an internal wound and with each step the force is trying to tear it apart. The obvious treatment approach should be simple, heal the internal wound. Sounds easy. But, the problem is blood supply. Anywhere in the body where there is a poor blood supply, we have a slow healing response. Fascia, ligaments, and tendons all have a poor blood supply and that is why injuries to those areas take so long to heal. The bodies natural self healing mechanism struggles with Plantar Fasciitis because of on going aggravation and lack of blood supply.

The reason Radial Shockwave Therapy works extremely well as a treatment for Plantar Fasciitis is its ability to increase blood capillary development. Thereby bringing extra blood supply to the damaged Plantar Fascia. Research by Wilhelm Bloch and Frank Suhr have indicated Mechanotransduction: Mechanical Stimulation of Biological Processes is how Radial Shockwave Therapy initiates and augments the bodies natural healing response. More Treatment info

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