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At e-sab Gold Coast skin clinic we offer skin correction and maintenance treatments for the face and body in a modern treatment facility located at Bundall, Gold Coast.

At e-sab skin and body clinics the basis for any skin treatment begins with an accurate skin assessment. Using the latest imaging equipment Beau Visage, together with a sound knowledge of the skin, its structure and functions, we are able to correctly assess the cause of many skin conditions.


Beauty really is 2mm skin deep

Beau Visage is a medically proven skin imaging and consultation system. Beau Visage is the only technology which can actually see up to 2mm below your skin to generate images of the blood supply, melanin (pigmentation) and sun damage to you face.

Beau Visage really does let you see more of your skin.

A Beau Visage consultation means you can benefit from an accurate analysis of the true health of your skin, understand why your skin appears the way it does, and allows your clinician to target treatments even more effectively. In addition, Beau Visage allows you to compare and monitor your progress over time, giving you the confidence that you treatment is working.

A comprehensive management plan is designed for each individual, including evaluation and recommendation of home care products and a proposed treatment schedule for in clinic treatment.

Allow an hour of your time and bring your current skin care products for review.

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