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Environ Skincare Revival Masque

After 5 years of research and code named "face lift in a jar" it was a great pleasure to give away over fifty of this amazing home mask treatments as Christmas presents to our wonderful clients and customers.

One might think that ingredients like Lactic, Asiatic, and Mandalic Acids are a modern invention, but it seems many ancients knew of their beneficial effects. Cleopatra was reported to have bathed in goats milk (lactic acid) and Roman woman used wine (asiatic acid) to wash their faces and promote a healthier complexion.

Environ Skincare Revival Masque has many benefits as a treatment. Lactic acid is well known as a skin brightener, lightening superficial pigment. Many people assume that acids are drying but lactic acid is actually hydrating and is part of the natural moisturising factor found in our skin. Lactic acid is a normal part of skin physiology and also found in hair, bone, muscles, and other organs.

When applied a cool feeling envelops the skin. As the Environ Skincare Revival Masque reacts with the skin the disruption induces important skin growth factors. The response is increased oxygen and nutrient rich blood flow to the deeper layers of skin.

There is much to love about Environ Skincare Revival Mask. However, I believe that doing a combination of Vitamin A Moisturiser in its milder forms together with a regular light "home peel" of Environ Skincare Revival Mask is the most effective way to treat ageing skin.

Purchase Promotion call 0755381844 and secure your Environ Skincare Revival Masque and receive 10 FREE Hydrating Oil Capsules while stocks last.

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