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Skin Review

Its a new year and time for a skin health check-up. Many of my regular clients will at some time have had a Clinical Skin Assessment and imaging appointment. Perhaps it was at your first visit. For those of you that haven't yet been for a skin review, let me explain. First of all its FREE. Once you've had a Clinical Skin Assessment, all future skin reviews are free of charge.

At your appointment your makeup and sunscreen are removed for a visual examination of your skin. Using my fingers I will be feeling for hydration, oil flow, areas of congestion, textural issues and skin abnormalities. If there is sun damage and/or pre-cancerous lesions, options for treatment are discussed and appropriate referrals made if necessary.

Next, I will take a new set of images and compare with your previous images. The first image I look at will show the health of your blood vessels. A healthy blood flow delivers all the nutrients, oxygen and water the skin needs. Excessive inflammation in this view is an early indication that something is not right and requires attention.

The next view displays the evenness of your pigmentation. Uneven and excessive pigment may indicate early evidence of sun damage or hormonal causes. The last view of the skin displays both internal and external texture. Ideally I am looking for a nice tight weave with no excessive loss of structure.

Whilst seeing your skin in up close detail both external and internal can be confronting, but it is very worthwhile. A review provides one on one time with your skincare specialist to discus any concerns and receive personalised advice. FREE Skin Reviews for existing clients are available now.

BOOK ONLINE or call 0755381844

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