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Fix dry skin with Microdermabrasion Really!!

The end of winter is in sight and we all look forward to peeling off the layers and packing them away. But should we peel away our dry winter skin layers on our faces.

According to a well know Gold Coast chain clinic advertising on the radio this is the perfect time to exfoliate away our dry winter skin with a microdermabrasion. Makes sense right; got dry skin, remove it, and all will be fixed.

Personally this really bothers me - a lot. Because this approach is simply not true for the majority of skins. A microdermabrasion is not a suitable treatment for all types of skin, especially dry and sensitive skin. A microdermabrasion will make a dry and sensitive skin more dry and more sensitive. Because you are taking away the very first level of protection your skin has; your skin barrier. The first rule of skincare is to always keep the barrier intact. So what about skin with breakouts. These skins fall into two dermatological categories oily and sensitive and dry and sensitive. We have discussed dry and sensitive so how does microdermabrasion affect oily breakout skin. You guessed it-more breakouts. At this point you are probably really believing that I hate microdermabrasion with a passion. This is not true. It is suitable for one skin subtype but this subtype is a minority and they are oily, resistant non sensitive skins that do not have breakouts.

My point is that there should not be a one size fits all approach to skin treatments for dry skin. This type of advertising is misleading at best and damaging to the skin at worst. This is simply not in the best interests of the consumer.

Skin care and treatments like all health care should be personalized to the individual. This is the approach that we take because we believe it is ethical.

Skin health begins with an assessment and individual advice. Only then can we make judgements about the best ways to treat your individual skin concerns.

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