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Katrina's 3 Top Tips for Managing Dry Skin during Winter

The first days of winter have arrived and for some chapped lips, red cheeks, dry flaky skin are a real source of discomfort.

Dry skin itself is a genetic subtype that becomes worse with age largely because of sun damage. However, a few simple strategies can see you through winter largely unscathed.

#1 My first tip for dry skin is making sure you are not over cleansing or allowing the hot water of the shower onto your face. The video link in this email is a demonstration of what I call the “rose petal cleanse” a gentle cleansing method that can be used twice a day morning and evening that is perfect for dry skin.

#2 Secondly choose a moisturiser that contains Vitamin A, if you are just starting out this should be a low level like Environ Skincare EssentiA 1 or Youth EssentiA 1. The reason I like using Vitamin A is that over time it promotes a healthy skin barrier and natural moisturising factors, so dry skin will become something of the past. If you are just starting out or the skin is very dry a good barrier cream may be used. Environ Super Moisturiser is loved by many, especially frequent travellers.

#3 Finally, lip balm. I’m really not certain when this became a trend, but paw paw ointment is not designed to be a lip balm for daily use. It is an enzyme mixed with glycerin that breaks down proteins and with overuse will make your lips dry and sore. As an exfoliant it could be used once a week. For a daily lip balm, you can’t beat natural oils like macadamia, or carrot seed. My go to is jane iredale lip drink but any of your natural oils will do the trick.

So rug up, we have three months ahead of us. I’m looking forward to open fires, warming winter soups and a very comfortable skin.

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