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How To Recover From Eyelash Damage

Experiencing sparse, weak or damaged lashes? You may need a break from

treatments like lash lifts, perms and extensions. The great thing is about these treatments is there is absolutely no need to reach for the curler. The negative is that the solution for perming and lifting is full of damaging chemicals. In addition, extensions place a combination of stressors on the eyelashes, from the application, to the type of extension, to the adhesive used. The greater the volume and length, the greater potential for damage.

So although we love treating ourselves to lusciously long, fluttery lashes, we also need to take care of them to reduce the risk of eyelid inflammation, lash damage and lash loss. Always remember to have these procedures done by a highly skilled professional - and taking a break every now and then never hurt anybody!

So how do you reverse the damage...?


Invest in some good skincare for your eye area

An eye makeup remover that doesn't dry out the delicate skin around the eyes like Environ Eye Make-up Remover - formulated with honeybush leaf extract and pro-vitamin B5 to heavily nourish your eye area as well as dissolve away eye makeup.

A good eye gel is incredibly useful for hydrating and plumping the skin (with peptides an eye gel can also be a lash growth serum). Environ Antioxidant & Peptide Eye Gel contains high levels of antioxidants, peptides and vitamins that assist in smoothing out wrinkles; as well as growing new, healthy lashes.


Use an eyelash conditioning treatment.


Put down the chemical-laden mascara.

The eyes are so delicate, so why are we using such harsh ingredients? Mascaras formulated with Panthenol (pro vitamin B5) provide a smoothing and hydrating effect, whilst chemical mascaras tend to intensely dry out your lashes. Opt for Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara - containing algae extract, cellulose fibres and panthenol.


Make sure you take off your makeup EVERY night before bed.

We all saw that photo of the lady with the mascara embedded on the insides of her eyelids, right? *shudders* Well that is the work of calcification in her eyelid after many years of not washing off her mascara before bed - leaving her needing surgery and at risk of losing her sight. So let that be a lesson for us all - leaving on mascara before going to bed is a BIG no-no! Instead, soak two cotton pads in Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover and wallah!

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