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Saving money on skincare is not about seeking out the lowest prices, but actually getting the best value for your hard earned dollars. The reason we all use skincare products is to improve the way our skin looks and feels. RIGHT!

Lets take that one step further; what if there were products and ingredients that would help skin to actually be better, not merely feel or appear better.

If you purchase products regardless of whether they are low cost or high cost, and they don't improve your skin. I would say that is an example of poor value or money wasted. Good value for money is purchasing skincare products that are effectively formulated, for your skin type and condition.

The skin is complex with many sub-types. Skin can be oily or dry, sensitive or resistant , pigmented or non pigmented, and likely or not likely to wrinkle. Skin also have ethnicity and combinations of ethnicity. Consideration of these complexities are essential in determining which skincare products will have the desired effect on your skin and over time, help your skin to look and be healthier.

Start with a detailed Clinical Skin Assessment or Online Skin Analysis. In addition to the above we also consider General Health, Systemic Conditions, Medications and Sun Exposure when selecting the correct skincare products and ingredients.

Diagnostic imaging highlights inflammation, pigmentation and sun damaged areas. Imaging is important as it can chart your progress and objectively measure improvements. Follow up skin reviews every three months is an ideal way to see changes occurring in the skin. Having treatments also accelerates the results. Monthly skin cell cycle turnover is the time it takes skin cells to grow out and up through several layers and eventually fall off. Improving the skin is not a quick fix. Time is needed for vitamin A and other active ingredients to take effect. Having better skin that looks and feels great is easy but you need to be consistent and you wont be wasting your hard earned money on skincare that does not work.

So is it time to ditch your chemist, department store or supermarket skincare?

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