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Massage Therapy for pain and injury management, is the application of massage techniques to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints with an aim to bring about an improved outcome for the recipient. In Australia, private health insurance companies, recognise this form of massage as REMEDIAL MASSAGE. Remedial, meaning to remedy, correct, or improve an existing condition.

Aching muscles are a good reason to seek out the services of a massage therapist. The cause of aching muscles can be from a number of factors, e.g. starting a new exercise routine, over using or over loading muscles, poor posture, or tension held in muscles from stress related issues. Highly skilled massage therapists, will have a good understanding of the contributing factors to muscular aches and pains. Information discussed with the client at the beginning of a treatment, help to uncover, the reason for muscle soreness. Physical examination of muscles and joints, can pin point the exact location of pain, or, at least give a better understanding, of what body structures are contributing to aches and pains.

A common complaint is, stiff neck and shoulders. The main muscle involved is the Upper Trapezius. The Upper Trapezius is that muscle between, the tips of the shoulders, blending into the neck and base of the skull. It is involved in all head and neck movements, and is renowned as an area that holds tension. Massage to the Upper Trapezius Muscle, reduces tension, improves blood flow, and decreases stiffness of the neck and shoulders. Left untreated, may contribute to Tension Head Aches.

Low Back Pain, is also a common condition that responds well to massage therapy. Pain in the lower back region can be complexed and many structures may be involved including, nerves, discs, spinal joints and muscles. Massage therapy can have a positive effect on the muscles involved, reducing the pain associated with back spasms.

Sciatica, the condition that sends a nerve related pain and discomfort down the back of the thigh, benefits from Deep Tissue Massage to the gluteal (buttocks) region. The sciatic nerve can be irritated by muscles in that area. Massage Therapy has the ability to release the tension held in muscles around the sciatic nerve, this in turn reduces irritation, leading to the reduction of pain and discomfort.

Massage Therapy has many benefits, very effective for pain and injury management that involves muscles, tendons, joints and nerves. Completely safe when used by well trained therapists. Improves overall well being, reduces stress related disorders, and is ideal as a maintenance program, keeping muscles and joints working efficiently.

Remember, movement is the number one activity for healthy ageing. Supplement with regular massage your body will love you for it.

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