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Adult Acne

So your teen years are gone and now your an adult but you still have acne issues. Acne is mostly a skin concern of teenagers from puberty on wards, left untreated can last up to ten years. But there are a minority of men and woman for whom acne persists well into adulthood and still experience annoying break outs.

I see people like you everyday at e-sab clinic. Your history forms often reveal a lot about various treatments you have tried both at home and in clinics. To be honest there is not a one fits all solution. acne does not have just one cause. What is required initially is an in depth assessment of your skin, lifestyle, diet and medical history. Once we are able to establish the causes of your acne we can tailor a treatment plan around your particular history and condition of acne.

At e-sab clinic our most experienced clinician will see you for your initial clinical skin assessment.

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