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e-sab Skin and Body Clinic treats some of lifes little annoyances. Skin tags, red veins, enlarged oil glands and other benign lesions can be treated using advanced technology.

Stop by our Skin Care Clinic and check out what our professional experts have to offer.

Skin Tags, Veins & Blemishes



The use of liquid nitrogen is an advanced treatment for the removal of benign skin growths.
Suitable benign skin growths for removal include warts, skin tags, or seborrheic keratosis.
All procedures are performed by our nurse or dermal therapist after an initial consultation.



A medically proven technique for the removal of red veins and skin tags. All procedures are preformed by our nurse or dermal therapist after initial consultation.

We offer unparalleled services for all of your skin and body needs. Contact us today to see the many other ways we can help you.

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