Environ Youth Essentia Vita-Peptide CQ Serum 1 35ml is the introductory serum in this Youth Essentia Step up system  and contains the introductory levels of essential vitamins A,C and E. In addition this technologically advanced formulationcontains peptides that are known to prevent signs of ageing by firming and givinhg the skin a more luminous appearance.



CQ Serum 1 35ml

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  • The Environ product range are medical grade skin care solutions formulated to improve, correct, and assist all skin types. Different formulations contain varying active ingredient strengths.

    Please ask our dermal therapist about which product is suitable for your skin type and condition.

  • Youth EssentiA Vita- Peptide serum 1 is designed to be used in conjunction with Youth EssentiA Vita-PeptideToner and Youth EssentiA antioxidant Defence Creme. After cleansing apply the Vita Peptide Toner directly to the skin whilst it is damp apply 2 pumps of serum 1 followed by defence creme oir mix togehter and apply together. May be used morning and evening.