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Cellulite Treatment Gold Coast

Don't be fooled, some of the fittest female athletes in the world have the dimpled effects of cellulite. However the look and feel of cellulite can be improved with Acoustic Wave Therapy, specific fat reducing skin and body care products, some basic life style changes. 

What causes cellulite?

Diet, age and posture are all contributing factors of cellulite but the single most contributing element is enlarged fat cells pushing up into the skin, compressing the circulatory system and therefor reducing the inflow of nutrients and outflow of wastes from fat cells. The diminished exchange of nutrients and wastes leading to gradual stiffening of connective tissue under the skin and the push pull effect is what gives rise to the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

The Cellulite Treatment Achieving The Best Results


Next part of the treatment is the introduction of a body sculpting gel, a specially formulated product renowned for its ability to firm and tone the skin leaving it looking more supple and youthful. Moisturising the skin giving it a soft, silky texture and assists in refining the appearance of skin tone. Additionally  Vitamins A, C and E Body Oil to assist in refining the appearance of  skin tone. A Cosmetic Body Roller to aid product penetration and improve texture. Apply a body wrap over the body sculpting gel twice per week. Sensible life style choices including healthy diet and moderate exercise. The Therapist will demonstrate and assist with your home care program.


The revolutionary anti-cellulite and skin tightening process called Acoustic Wave Therapy.
High energy pressure waves vibrate connective tissue in affected areas of the body, improving the appearance of cellulite by causing connective tissue to stretch, soften and release the pull effect it has on the skin and trapped fat cells. Increasing blood flow to the treatment area also aids the exchange of nutrients and waste, also, helping to remove toxins.

Depending on what grade of cellulite has been identified the course of treatments are typically eight - twelve sessions once or twice per week. Clients may seek maintenance treatments once per month after finishing. The Acoustic Wave Therapists will guide and recommend the appropriate number of sessions for the best possible outcomes.

Initial consultation is free 

Pricing starts from $110 per session.

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