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Just wear the Sunblock

I'm at the pointy end of skincare - the person you will see every two weeks whilst you treat your skin damage with a chemotherapy cream. Trust me it is not pretty. Nobody enjoys using THAT cream on their skin.

Everyday I ask the same question. Are you wearing a sunblock daily? Everyday I hear the same excuses. I'm not in the sun. I've never liked the texture of sunscreen. I work in an office. I have read that sunblocks are bad for you. Its in my makeup. oh I have a darker skin I don't get burnt. I think its in my moisturiser.

Can I say it to you straight - its just not good enough! Lets face it skin cancer is an epidemic in Australia. One in two people will get skin cancer in their lifetime. Myself included.

If I could only sell you one cream. It would be a sunblock.

Wear it every day one teaspoon on all the sun exposed areas. Find one that you like, the textures have improved and if I really had a preference I would say make it one of the newer reflectant blocks made of zinc oxide or titanium oxide, especially if you are very fair or very sensitive .

In a recent review article published in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, David McDaniel MD investigates the damage caused by not only UVA and UVB solar radiation, but also the effects VL (visible light) has on skin. VL has been shown to induce pigmentation and erythema (redness) with darker skin types. Further more (HEV

L) high energy visible light or blue light such as emitted from computer screens etc. has been found to contribute to photoaging, inflammation and genetic expression changes in cells.

Regardless of whether you plan a day in the sun or not your skin will be protected from environmental damage. You have everything to gain and your skin will thank you now and in the future.

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