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Self Care isn't Selfish

Self care isn't selfish, it's about being kind to ourselves. It's about choosing how we spend our time, and who we spend our time with, and listening to our mind and body.

The toll of stress can wreak havoc on our health - Constant bombardment and our busy lifestyles cause a weakened immune system which leaves us susceptible to illnesses, weight gain or loss, sleep issues and depression.

How to practice SELF CARE...

Nourish your mind and body with the right food choices that reflect a rainbow of colours. Take time to eat and enjoy your food. Exercise for strength and relaxation, not for a perfect instagram-able body. Read and rest to relax the mind. Most of all breathe. Even if its just a nice deep breath whilst waiting at the traffic lights. Look after your teeth, hair, skin and body with regular appointments.

Self care increases self worth. It makes us feel better about ourselves and this in turn has a positive flow on effect to all of those around you.

Some self care is free, for others like your regular appointment with us or your home makeup or skincare products there is a cost. So we would like to let you know that our products and services are now available with ZIP PAY in store now.

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