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New Pigment Treatment Solution

It takes quite a bit to get me excited but when Environ recently launched their new Radiance + Mela-Smart System targeting pigmentation concerns I got pretty excited.

Many of you who have been familiar with Environ skincare and its scientific director Dr Des Fernandes will know that nothing new comes onto the market from Environ without extensive research and clinical trials, and by this I mean peer reviewed scientific literature in support of the ingredients included in the system. And trials on both Caucasian and Asian skins.

Pigmentation is one of the most difficult skincare concerns to target successfully. There are many important factors to be considered and no one magic ingredient can do it all.

The new mela smart system targets the root causes of skin discolouration, dark spots and uneven skin tone by targeting the signalling pathways involved from the skin cell responsible for the uneven pigment. Using 4 innovative products that work together to help inhibit the 6 complex steps involved I am expecting that we will see impressive results and I very much look forward to documenting them using our medical imaging technology.

Unlike removing pigment with IPL, laser or cryotherapy there is no downtime or side effects. And it is designed for use at home.

If you are interested in trying the new system you must first be using either the Environ Skin EssentiA or the youth EssentiA moisturiser and a broad spectrum 15 spf sunblock daily for a least one month. This will allow for any Vitamin A deficiency to be addressed by normalising skin function whilst preparing it for the Mela-Smart System. Then the 2 month mela smart system can be introduced. Learn more book a free skin review.

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