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It’s important that we get into a moisture-balancing routine before our skin endures the extremities of cold temperatures, high winds, and the contrasting dry air from heaters. Our favourite double-duty products from Jane Iredale include

SMOOTH AFFAIR® PRIMER For a long lasting, moisture rich base that maintains the skin’s youthful elasticity and minimises pores and fine lines

D2O HYDRATION SPRAY To deliver and retain immediate moisture whilst calming and soothing dry, inflamed skin

IN TOUCH® CREAM BLUSH Glides on with ease and creates a soft, dewy, radiant flush that’s nourishing to the skin. Can also be used on eyes and lips.

LIPDRINK® SPF15 LIP BALMS A luscious, petroleum-free lip balm that keeps lips soft and supple as it protects, softens and soothes chapped lips.

HANDDRINK® SPF15 HAND CREAM A non-greasy, nourishing formula with active ingredients and rose essential oil to instantly revive dry hands.

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